My name is Lomasi and I am currently a full time student. I attend Washington State University, and am a Pre-Law Political Science major.Washington_State_U_Seal I was born and raised in the Pacific North West, and I call the west side of Washington my home. I am 18 years old and am absolutely loving my new life of being a college student. I plan on attending Law School after I finish my undergrad degree, and then continuing on to pursue a PhD.index-1 I have two loving parents that raised me to be a wholesome and loving kind of girl. I believe in equal rights and women’s empowerment, and I am a proud supporter of gay marriage and same-sex rights. Right now in my life I am working on understanding my sexuality and discovering myself. I currently identify as a lesbian, but I believe that sexuality is fluid and nobody needs to be under a permanent label. I have gone through a lot over the years of my youth, and I am still learning everyday how to be happy and how to love myself.strong-women I believe that in order to truly know what you want in life and to understand who you are as a person, you have to explore and experience. I am an only child because I lost my younger brother to cancer when I was in elementary school. I’ve also dealt with severe depression and self harm. I understand that life is ridiculously hard; believe me I get it. I enjoy writing when I have time to actually sit down and focus on putting words on paper. When I’m not out studying or in class i enjoy spending time watching Netflix and meeting new people around campus. I’m a big introvert, but I’m working on being more open and out there that way I can make more friends and begin to create a solid group of friends that are in the same college boat as I am. I absolutely love coffee and snacks. I could have a white chocolate mocha or a vanilla chai any day, any time.images (7) I used to run and do yoga throughout the week, and within the beginning of 2015, I plan to get back into that. I like to waste my time on all forms of social media, from Twitter to Tumblr, and I like to organize things like my room and my school life. I am also a huge fan of makeup and I try my best to attempt new looks and stay up to date on new beauty trends.  I’m here to write about my life and my experiences that I go through during college. This is supposed to be the best time in my life, and over the next few years I want to document and share all of my memories.

Love always,




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